Gardening Week

We had a few gardening jobs that have been outstanding for some time, so it was resolved that we both take a week off and tackle the problem garden head on.  To get the ball rolling the first items ordered were 2 fencing panels with posts, delivery date sometime during the week.

Monday – With the weather still holding bright and sunny, Loaf  made a brave start and dug out all the grass at the side of the house, with my help of course. We ordered 17 meters of box hedging, a 6 yard skip and a ton of gravel.

Tuesday  – Another bright morning greeted us along with two very large boxes of box hedging. I made a quick jaunt to the garden center to buy 3 climbers (honeysuckle) for the side of the house before the gravel arrived.   Once the climbers and gravel were in place, we started planting the box hedging; the soil was so clogged up with flint, stones, bricks and lumps of concrete that loaf had to dig the trench with his pickaxe!

Wednesday – Ordered 350 bricks and cement, replanted an Acer into the front garden and the fencing panels arrived. Decided to make today a half day and celebrated with beer and wine.


Thursday – Typically the bricks and skip arrived at the same time, causing a mild panic for several mins. Loaf was magnificent in his role as chief traffic coordinator, with phrases such as, “just there mate” and “a little bit more to the left” rang out as Loaf conducted proceedings like a true laborer. Then followed much huffing and puffing as the two of us started the arduous task of shifting 350 bricks and 8 bags of mortar from the front of the house to the back and unknown tonnage of rubbish, sods and general waste from the back to the skip parked at the front.   To say we were knackered by the end of that would be a bit of an understatement.

Friday – Morning dawned bright and hopeful. We had no deadlines to work to, no deliveries expected. Just a very lumpy back garden to dig, flag stones to lay in a patio style and dig the founds for a small garden wall. One hour into the task  when Loaf pulled muscles in his right arm bringing the gardening week to an early close.

We will not be defeated, we will bring order, calm and tranquility to this mini jungle.

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